One of the most valuable lessons that anyone can learn is to ask possibility questions rather than making negative statements. This is a wealth practice that everyone who wants to build wealth should learn to do. For example, I’m sure that at sometime in your life you have heard someone say, “That’s impossible” or “You’ll never be able to do that” or even, “I don’t have enough money for that.” These statements do not set our minds thinking towards solutions to problems that we have in our lives. Instead, they just shut our brains down. Why try to think of solutions in such unchangeable circumstances?

What if instead, we asked questions like, “If this were possible, how could it be done?” or “If i was able to do this, what would I have to do to accomplish it?” or “How can I afford this?” Questions like these get our minds thinking of solutions. They unleash our God-given brilliance in problem solving. And as I said, this is a powerful lesson for everyone to learn because it gives us a way out of our current circumstances.

What we are really talking about here are two different mindsets. When problems arise in life, the first mindset essentially says, “c’est la vie” (such is life). This mindset just fatalistically takes whatever comes without much of a fuss. The other mindset, the better one, does not surrender to life as it comes but understands that there is nearly always a choice that can be made. Asking questions is a powerful way to begin to see those choices so that we can move towards what we want to accomplish in life.

So in summary, we all go through rough patches on life – unhappy clients, tough romances, change of vocations – but champions learn to ask possibility questions whenever they hit those rough spots instead of surrendering to the situation. You are a champ so act accordingly.