Young Living Essential Oils is one of the network marketing companies that has pioneered a unique line of essential oils – and it has now just garnered another merit to add to the list as it has swept up the 2017 Silver Anvil Award for Events & Observances.

The earned this award during the, Seven or Fewer Days ceremony for “The Lavender Room.” The ceremony was sponsored by the (PRSA) Public Relations Society of America.

In the industry of public relations, The prestigious Silver Anvil Awards give recognition to the best overall brands in the field of public relations communications.

It was back in Late 2016 that Young Living Essential Oils encouraged New York consumers to take a deep breath and relax during the stressful season of the Holidays. This only further substantiated their passion for promoting viable products that promote well-being.

Young Living Essential Oils recently partnered with another well-known public relations corporation Ketchum to launch a store located right in Union Square on Fifth Avenue In the heart of the Big city of New York. They named it “The Lavender Room.”

This pop up store is mostly dedicated to encouraging zen relaxation and meditation as an individual can bask in the ambiance and scents of more than 5K fresh lavender stems. Anyone can just go in there and find total relaxation in an instant..

Young Living’s senior director, Andrea Niepp pointed out,“During one of the most wonderful but stressful times of the year, we wanted to invite New Yorkers to take a quiet moment to re-center in this uniquely peaceful space. The installation brought to life the power of pure essential oils through scent, and it created a haven of calm amidst the holiday hustle and bustle of Fifth Avenue to raise brand awareness and share the benefits of Young Living essential oils.

Young Living Essential Oils COO, Jared Turner also responded to the honor by acknowledging this highly prestigious recognition and modestly referring to the company’s commitment to manufacturing and selling quality products. He also mentioned that the company is lucky to have such incredible talents working behind the scenes in all facets of the company.

Young Living Essential Oils promotes wellness and continues to be a leader with its essential oils. Its commitment and passion is its driving force that makes it stand apart from other  competitive companies in the industry.