Do not allow the music fests of the Summer season knock you down- let Stubhub and Beachbody prepare you! Regardless of whether you are out of shape or in perfect shape, sometimes music festivals can really sock it to you.

This is where Stubhub and Beachbody has paired up and developed the ultimate solution to help you rock it like a boss in the mosh pit or while you are sweating bullets at a huge show at a stadium – Ready, Set, Live.

 “Ready, Set, Live is a workout program designed by Jericho McMathews and Joel Freeman (Stubhub and Beachbody) that walks you through common concert moves such as standing in lines long periods of time, crowd surfing, fist pumping, and speed walking through multiple stages.

Concert goers are very acquainted with the fact that endurance is a key part of having the best time. Who can afford to run out of energy and sit there like a bump on a log. This workout lasts 45 minutes long and uses a number of techniques such as stretching and strength training to help one to become more acclimated to the concert-lifestyle.

 “Warm summer days and long summer nights means it’s time to get out to hear live music, especially at festivals, and StubHub and Beachbody wants to make sure that nothing stops fans from the magic of experiencing their favorite acts, making sure they have the moves it takes to keep up at these high-energy events,” said Jessica Erskine, head of entertainment communications at StubHub.

The various workout regimen includes the following:

  • The Up All Day: Sounds pretty strange, but it is actually a move. This exercise helps you to stay up all day and to endure anything through a concert til’ the light of day the next morning. It incorporates jump-roping and wall climbing moves to help you build up your ability to stay with it as long as possible.
  • The Double – Up Dance: This exercise is essentially to assist you in taking things to the next level when it comes to dancing or entering the mosh-pit. You will learn how to do lunges and to ultimately get your groove on.
  • The Look Out: For your own best interest- this move helps you to avoid injury from the confines at a concert that often make a person prone to getting elbowed in the jaw or trampled on and over.
  • The Best View: Want to learn how to master looking over someone’s head or in the midst of a large crowd? The best view teaches you strategies that help you to learn ever duck, jump, and stretch so that you really do get the “best view.”
  • The Encore: Learn exactly how to work through the pain and agony of how sore you may get from dancing, jerking, moshing, and more. These stretches will help you to relax and enjoy!

Concerts and music festivals especially are very exhausting, but exhilarating! From dancing, standing in lines, avoiding injury, holding someone on our shoulders, and walking around long distances- Ready, Set, Live captures the very essence of music fandom and demonstrates full genius at tailoring a program to REALLY help someone LIVE it up at a concert.