Bonvera is a brand new business trying to position itself to do what so many other companies companies fail to do – offer both a good opportunity AND reasonably priced products to people everywhere. And they may just pull it off.

In this review, we will cover the company, it’s products, and it’s leadership to help you understand if joining Bonvera is right for you.

Let’s dive in!

What is Bonvera?

At it’s core, is a referral based, direct marketing company which means that instead of using traditional marketing avenues such as TV, radio, and print media to promote its products, it relies on the word of mouth marketing of its customers to promote its products and services. It then compensates those customers who refer people which allows those customers to earn another stream of income.

Bonvera Products

phyzix-energy-drinksBonvera business builders will have access to an online store where they can buy everyday, household products at competitive prices. These are products from lines you know, trust, and probably already purchase by manufacturers such as SC Johnson and Proctor and Gamble.

In addition to these products, Bonvera will have it’s own, private label brands of products (similar to Walmart’s Equate brand or Costco’s Kirkland brand). The first Bonvera private label product line is called Phyzix. Phyzix is a line of nutrition products containing protein wafers (bars?) and healthier-than-normal energy drinks.

So why buy products from Bonvera when you could buy them from, or anywhere else?

Because Bonvera has a referral program that trumps the others referral / affiliate programs out there.

Bonvera Referral Program

The referral program is simple. Buy online from the site yourself and then tell others you know to do the same thing. When they do, you will earn commissions on everything that those people purchase. And while some other retailers such as also have referral programs, what makes Bonvera’s different is that customers can earn recurring commissions on the people that they refer… for life!

So let’s take an example. Say you refer a friend to to purchase a book you just recommended. If you are signed up as an Amazon Associate, you will receive a commission for that purchase and that purchase only. If that same customer comes back to the next day and decides to buy their shampoo and toilet paper, you don’t get paid for that.

With Bonvera though, you get paid for all of the purchases of that customer, and… get this… you get paid for as long as that person continues to buy products (assuming you have an active and qualified membership yourself of course). As you can imagine, if you sign up enough people who are buying from the site, it is possible for you eventually make enough to replace your income.

Cost to Join Bonvera – Is It Worth It?

So it all sounds great right? Buy stuff online, teach others to do the same, and get paid. With any business, you have to be aware that there are costs involved. The appropriate question for anyone who wants to be successful is not “How much does it cost?” Instead it is, “What is the return on investment” (ROI).

So let’s explore the costs to join Bonvera as it stands now in their pre-launch:

  • Membership costs for shoppers only – $19.95/yr. OR sign up one other shopper with a product subscription of some kind (aka “autoship”). This is the route for people who simply want to take advantage of the site and is reasonably priced compared to Sam’s Club (minimum $45/yr.) and Costco (minimum $55/yr.). (At the moment, this only gets you discounts on the Private Label Products so it’s not really worth it… unless you’re going to buy a case or 2 of energy drinks or bars a month).
  • Associates (those who want to refer others in order to earn commissions) – $49.95 (one time?). This is the fee to become an associate only. If you want to actually profit from referring others, you have to sign up and pay this fee AND you have to be “active” which essentially means that you need to buy products yourself.
  • Staying “Active” – Bonvera reps will need to have 100 BV (bonus volume) to remain able to receive commissions. There are 3 tiers of products for Bonvera:
    1. Tier 1 consists of Bonvera Branded Products like Phyzix – These products are about a 1/1 ratio of dollars / bonus volume meaning that you would need to spend approximately $100/mo. to earn the necessary 100 BV to stay active.
    2. Tier 2 consists of “Big Brand” products such as Proctor and Gamble, VOSS, SC Johnson, Better Made Chips, and other manufacturers that Bonvera has relationships with. UPDATE: I had originally saw the dollar BV value was around 5/1, but actually I was wrong here. Some products are actually 1/1 or 2/1 which is incredible (and unheard of) for non-private label products. At 2/1 or even 3/1, someone would need to spend $200-$300/mo. to hit their 100BV (compared to other companies in the industry that sell physical products, this is really good.) There are roughly 100 products available right now
    3. Tier 3 consists of “Affiliate Stores” which are other stores (yet to be announced) that members will be able to purchase from. The ratio of dollars to BV in this category is closer to 10/1 meaning you would have to spend approximately $1000/mo. for your BV to stay active if only utilizing Tier 3 products. UPDATE: There are actually 2 different kinds of stores in Bonvera. There are “Partner Stores” and “Affiliate Stores.” Partner stores are stores that have specifically partnered with Bonvera to provide compensation back to the Bonvera marketplace. There are currently 2 of these, AllBrandForYou and Eskimo Kisses. The Affiliate Stores are stores that, for the most part, offer general affiliate commissions to organizations that refer buying traffic. There a currently a handful of these.,,,,,,,,,,, and More are surely to come.

Bonvera has a “starter pack” which consists of the Associate membership fees, start-up information materials, and sample packs of their Phyzix products for $199.95.

So is it worth it? It definitely could be if refer enough people to break even your first month! I can show you how we use the internet to get business like Bonvera in front of hundreds and sometimes even thousands of people at one time. With odds like that, who couldn’t make it in a business like Bonvera. Sign up for below for my free training program to learn the basics of building a referral business like Bonvera online.

Bonvera Compensation Plan

(NOTE: Bonvera is not even in pre-launch at the time of this writing, so while we are trying to be as accurate as possible, this information should be taken as tentative.)

The Bonvera Compensation Plan is a unilvel plan and it has several ways to get paid. We’ll likely have another post explaining all of this at some point in the near future, but for now know that you can earn residual commissions by referring people and that if the people that you sign up buy right away, you can also earn what is called an “Enroller 1st Order Bonus”

The Enroller 1st order bonus is a bonus made off of the first order you get for referring a person who becomes an Associate and makes a purchase. Based on the volume of products they order, you as the referring associate could earn up to $50 if the new Associate purchases enough product and/or a Starter Pack.

So to break even, you would have to have 4 people join your business the first month and have 2 people a month join your business every month after until you have enough product volume that the business pays for itself. (We’re still probing Bonvera for more information regarding the compensation plan, and we’ll report back when we have it!).

Now of course, not everyone that you share the Bonvera opportunity with will sign up! This is why it is important to learn how to get your business in front of hundreds of people so that you have the best chance of succeeding! If you haven’t done so yet, be sure to sign up for our free training which you can do here, so that you can learn how to use the internet to get your business in front of lots of people.



Bonvera is a business that is definitely worth checking out. Even though the company is brand new, it is being built by a team of people who know the industry well and who have been striving towards this vision for over 10 years.

It is a potentially revolutionary company because it is being built around products that people are already buying instead of some newfangled product that no one has ever heard of. If you’re looking at this opportunity, you have an opportunity to get in on the ground level.


NOTE: Bonvera is one of the few companies that I actually joined myself because I believe in the concept and the leaders that much. Building a business like Bonvera is a numbers game, and most people fail because between their friends, families, and acquaintances they can only share the opportunity with a few hundred people. While that might make you some money, I am a firm believer that there is a better way.

If you want “in” on my exclusive team training on how to build Bonvera online while everyone else fights over their brothers and sisters, fill out the form above or to the right and let’s get started building this together before the masses even hear about it.