The Compensated Marketplace™ is a trademarked term that embodies the theme of the Bonvera company which is to create a new type of e-commerce business that rewards those who participate through purchasing products and sharing the products with others.

Bonvera is building on the foundation of other companies and concepts that came before them. It’s important to understand the history to know why the Compensated Marketplace™ is worth considering. We’ll examine all three phases below.


Phase I: Traditional Network Marketing / Direct Sales / MLM

Network Marketing companies (a.k.a. Multi-level marketing companies or direct sales companies), have been around for quite some time (since the 20s or 30s). For decades these companies gave entrepreneurs the ability to earn income by selling products and recruiting others to sell products as well.

This concept has been responsible for several, very successful companies such as Amway Global, Avon, Shaklee, Mary Kay, Arbonne, Monavie, and Melaleuca. These companies have millions of representatives around the world that promote their businesses and products. Some of these companies are billion dollar companies and they are the historical foundation from which the Compensated Marketplace has grown.

This phase was revolutionary in that it allowed people real opportunity to representatives in a true free-market environment. Representatives were and are compensated according to the products that they are able to move through themselves and their sales organizations.


Phase II: Affiliate Marketing

With the advent of the internet, new technologies allowed a concept called “affiliate marketing” to take off. Amazon pioneered the concept of “affiliate marketing” years ago with their Associate program. This program allowed anyone to make money by referring customers to Amazon.

This concept has been picked up by thousands of other e-commerce websites that have their own programs, often called “affiliate programs,” which allow people to sign up to be compensated when they refer customers to those e-commerce sites.

We are considering this as the second phase because it surpassed the traditional network marketing model in several ways:

  1. Affiliate programs are available for nearly any type of products. Whereas network marketing companies traditionally push private label products, affiliate marketing is so wide spread that entrepreneurs can now get paid for nearly any product or service (digital or real-world) that they want to promote.
  2. Because of the internet, the word-of-mouth model can spread MUCH faster than traditional network marketing companies. The internet moves at lightning speeds which means that word-of-mouth can move at that speed as well. Sites such as Facebook and Google allow affiliates to get the products and services they are promoting in front of literally millions of people at once. Everything can now be tracked electronically through links which makes the process of selling easier and faster.
  3. Network Marketing catered to super sales people whereas affiliate marketing caters to savvy web users. Any success requires skillsets that often need to be developed. Traditional network marketing catered to super sales people because they were primarily built in a person-to-person fashion. Affiliate marketing favors web savvy users who are able to draw attention to products and services using ads, facebook posts, tweets, and various other internet websites.

Where network marketing used person-to-person communication to build communities of buyers, affiliate marketers use the internet to do the same.

Now enter Bonvera


Phase III: The Compensated Marketplace


While much still remains to be seen, Bonvera is positioned to build off of both the traditional networking model as well as the affiliate marketing model. Here’s how…

  • Like traditional networking Bonvera has some private label products and most of their Associates are using old school methods of business building going person to person or house to house.
  • Like affiliate marketing, Bonvera is giving Associates the ability to promote a wide variety of products through internet-based sign up and easy-to-use referral links.

As we’ve said, both of these concepts are already being done and done well. So what’s different about Bonvera?

  1. While they do have a few private label products, most of their products are brands that are widely available and widely known. It’s stuff that people buy anyway.
  2. Their prices are reasonable compared to Amazon or other large retailers. Even including shipping, the prices within Bonvera are comparable. This means that the company should appeal to the every day shopper and not just to entrepreneurs which is more than can be said for most networking opportunities.
  3. The business can be built either by old school, traditional networking means using the Extroda system or by more modern, internet based techniques. Both sets of people have access to the business to build it their way, however the 2nd group gets to utilize the power of the internet and through doing so is all the more positioned to build a successful organization. (To learn more about how this second way of building, get in touch with me.)

In my opinion, Bonvera is a very exciting company, and it will be a thrill to see where it goes and how well it does. It is a company with more potential than most.

Is the Compensated Marketplace Right for You?

You may be wondering if this is the right opportunity for you, and if so, you’ll want to read every word of this section…

Nearly every home based opportunity claims to be the best one, to have the best products, and to be positioned to take over the world. Depending on who you listen to, you might very well hear the same things about Bonvera.

Do us both a favor and ignore the hype. It’s great to be exited, but I’m highly skeptical of anyone who cannot see the flaws in their own business.

  • Is this a great opportunity? Yes.
  • Can you get in on the proverbial “ground floor”? Yes.
  • Is the company perfect? No.
  • Are some “leaders” going to try to hype you up and say stupid things they shouldn’t say? Yep.
  • Should you believe everything they tell you? No. You should vet it yourself.
  • Is this opportunity right for you? It depends on you. If you’re willing to put in the time it takes to learn to think for yourself, learn how to market a company, learn the ins and outs of a business, and build it, then yes, it’s one of the best opportunities available right now.
    On the other hand, if you are looking for a magic business that will instantly earn you thousands with doing little to no work, then this opportunity isn’t for you.

If you are even thinking about joining, here are a few tips I have for you. Here are a few things to DO and NOT DO.

  1. DO ask hard questions to make sure the people you’re thinking about working with know what they’re doing. Ask specific questions.
  2. DO NOT get signed up on the Extroda system. It was developed out of an antiquated method of building networking companies and while somewhat motiviational, will probably hinder you more than help you.
  3. DO Get signed up as quickly as possible into Bonvera. The company is growing, and it’s really a no brainer if you are at all a motivated person. This is one of the most “common sense” opportunities, so don’t waste time. If you want to work with a team who leverages the internet instead of making you bother your friends and family, get in touch.