Imagine how your life would be different if every day you sponsored just one person into your business without doing a darn thing. At the end of a year, you would have 365 people in your downline, and you’d probably be making a pretty penny.

Now imagine if even 2% of those 365 people did the same thing. By the end of the next year, you would have nearly 3,000 people in your downline! Incredible right?

This is possible, and you can do it with your own MLM System.Social Network Molecule - Connections

What is an MLM System?

Any good MLM system does the following 4 jobs:

  1. Finds people who would be interested in joining your business (Traffic)
  2. Walks these people through the process of making an informed decision (Education)
  3. Signs them up into your business (Conversion)
  4. Trains them to use the products, be good business people, and walk through this process themselves (Duplication)

Let’s walk through all 4 steps of this type of system.

Step 1 – Finding People Who Are Interested in Your Business

Everyday, millions are searches are performed, millions of blog posts are read, millions of emails are opened and read, and thousands of hours are spent surfing social media sites. The question for us as network marketers is simply this: How do we get in front of the people who will be most likely to join our businesses or buy our products?

Thinking through this is easy. People who are already looking to make money, looking for home based business opportunities, researching a company to join, and researching other such topics are going to be more likely to join our businesses than someone looking for how to pole vault.

Step 2 – Walking People Through the Process of Making an Informed Decision

In the physical world, we normally show people our opportunity after we make contact with them and find out they are interested. The same is true online. However, instead of picking up the phone and calling every single one of them, we can use mass communication tools such as email sequences and webinars.

With email, we can set up automatic emails that go out automatically every day for a week or more that explain the ins and outs of our opportunity and how our opportunity will help this person make more money, get their dream life style, etc. We can also send people to webinars where we can communicate with 1000 people at a time instead of 1.

Step 3 –¬†Signs Them Up Into Your Business

Once we have helped our prospects come to understand how our opportunity can help them, we ask them to sign up. Most networking companies give their distributors a way of doing this online, so we can use these.

It is important though NOT to send prospects straight to your company site without first helping them understand what’s in it for them in Step 2. A lot of people try this, and it’s very hard to get result this way.

Step 4 –¬†Training

Once someone signs up, it is our responsibility to help them start using the products, learning about the company, becoming better business people, and putting more people in our downlines. A proper system usually does this through a website that has audios and videos available for people to go through to learn.

There is one main difference between the training system we need to set up and that provided by our company. Firstly, the system should be your own so you can control the flow of information. Company trainings can be helpful, but are usually limited in scope. They usually don’t teach us to be good business owners because they focus more on their products and company. This is fine, but we need to offer more if we want to build a big team.


Creating this type of networking marketing system is an imperative if you want to create a team that isn’t a time suck. MLM businesses, like any other business, can take A LOT of time if done improperly. However, if you create a solid system that helps you both scale and automate the processes, you’ll be on your way to huge success.

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