India-based Direct Selling Companies and Network Marketing companies are in the midst of enormous havoc as things are getting more and more difficult to operate in the country of India.

Current provisions in regard to how discrepancies in criminally fueled proceedings are hindering any progress for expansion and growth for companies located in India. Therefore, these types of network marketing and direct selling businesses are requesting more protection under the CPA (Consumer Protection Act.)

India’s Qnet stated, “Certain individuals have been filing criminal complaints directly with the state police, without even attempting to contact the concerned company for resolution first.”

QNet has long encouraged their loyal patrons to come to them with any concerns or complaints about their products. Unfortunately, this welcoming has not helped to alleviate the amount of complaints that are being registered with police – instead of taking up concerns with Qnet directly.

Not only has Qnet filed affidavits with the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, but following suit are network marketing companies such as Mediocre, Herbalife, Amway, Oriflare, and Tupperware.

The Senior executive of Qnet stated,

“These guidelines are a progressive step in the direction of reforms for the direct selling sector. Given the thriving industry in India and a healthy growth trend over the last few years as reported by several trade bodies and chambers of commerce, the guidelines will help with sustainable development of the industry.”

The Network Marketing and Direct Selling Industries located and operated throughout the Country of India – rakes in more than $1.18 billion in revenue annually (this statistic was confirmed for the fiscal yeat of 2015.)

It  has landed in the top 25 list of the industry niche and ranks number 22. Approximately 4 million people in India are making a living off this huge industry and the numbers are predicted to double by the year 2025.