When I first got started in Aisle19 it was an exciting day. I had this idea that I would have a chance to help build the “Wal-mart of the internet” by helping people earn cash back on their purchases through Aisle19. Unfortunately though, Aisle19 has not become everything that I hoped it would. In fact, as I write this, their site is not even online! I have no idea when it will be back up…. if ever.

So what does that mean for you and me? I don’t know about you, but I’m moving on. I appreciate what Aisle 19 and Escape International were trying to do, but it seems as if it just didn’t get executed all that well. I’m not mad at them, but I don’t think they can fault me for moving on…

What am I moving on to? Well, the whole idea that I liked behind Aisle 19 was that just by changing over my buying habits to buying from them instead of from brick and mortar stores. And I have found another company that let’s me do the same thing! There are definitely some differences with the new company, but I think they make it an even better opportunity than Aisle19.

The company is called Boresha International and here are some of the key things that are the same:

  • Get Paid to Shop and to Refer – Like Aisle 19, Boresha will pay you to shop from them and refer business to them through your member number. The more people that buy, the more money you make!
  • Buy Online – Like Aisle19, Boresha is 100% online so you can just jump on your computer and start buying. You can also use your member number to refer other people to your personalized website so that they can buy and so you can get paid from their purchases.

And here are some of the key differences.

  • Boresha more or less focuses on one product – fat burning coffee. If you didn’t know already, coffee is the 2nd most widely traded commodity in the world (after oil) and over 1 billion cups of coffee are consumed EVERY DAY on average. So while you can’t get paid to buy books or greeting cards through Boresha, you can loose weight by simply drinking coffee!
  • Boresha pays a higher percentage than most Aisle19 stores – In case you weren’t paying attention, most of the Aisle19.com partner stores gave you less than 10% BV (business volume) of which you got something like 6% of. This essentially means that if you bought something for $500, you would end up getting like $3 back in commissions… Not that impressive. But of course, something is better than nothing, but Boresha pays 10%-15% percent on all their products and give us ways to earn bonus bucks (like money for our car or house payment).

Boresha is not Aisle19. It is not as big and does not offer many products. However, in my opinion, opportunity is much better and the potential for making some extra coin is much better. But of course, it’s your decision. If you want to learn how you can loose weight and make money, follow the link below. If not, I thank you for stopping by the site and I wish you the best!

Skinny Coffee

To Your Continuted Success,

– Matt – The Power Team