As good as any network marketing company is, there are a few things that all distributors should keep in mind

  1. You don’t own the company
  2. You don’t own your down-line
  3. You are reliant on your company to pay you

Now obviously there are tons of pros to being a distributor as well so before you call me a Debbie-downer, think about all of the great things you get by being a distributor!

  • You don’t have to pay for manufacturing, warehousing, or safekeeping the products
  • You don’t even have to ship the products yourself!
  • You don’t have to pay for copyrights or licensing
  • You can join for only a couple hundred bucks compared to starting a traditional company which usually takes thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars
  • You get access to a team of people who want to help you
  • You get (mostly) free tools to help you build your business such as company seminars, phone calls, websites, branding, etc.
  • You don’t have to answer to investors or the public or really anyone else – you can really get your time back
  • You can make a crap ton of money
  • And lots more

So why did I start out with some negatives? Because I wanted to let you know that there is an option where you get to win, and in this case, our team gets to win.

Imagine that you and your team becomes one of the fastest growing teams within your whole organization. Everyone is making money and everyone is happy!

But what happens if the company goes under? What if some bozo sues them over something small but ends up winning anyway? Or what if the company decides to change the compensation plan and your income drops 50% in a matter of months? Or what if you simply discover the opportunity of a lifetime with a different company?

While no one likes to be negative, these things can happen. And you should be prepared. How do you get prepared? It’s simple. It all starts with a realization that when people join your team, they are joining YOU not your business. If you package, brand, and sell yourself rather than your opportunity you can more easily make the transition.

So here’s the question. Are you marketing yourself? Or are you marketing your business opportunity? Now don’t misunderstand me. Of course people will need to join your networking company, but are they more committed to it or to you? Which thing – the company or you – is the one that is the key to their success?

Part of your sponsoring system should be to setting a vision for your team that transcends the company that you are in, they will follow you anywhere. But if the company is the vision, your dreams rest on it. Choose wisely.