AwardIn our industry, we are often sold on the idea of being able to have all of our goals and dreams as we become empowered to live incredible lifestyles because of the passive income streams of network marketing. While this is true, it needs to be put in it’s proper context.

Ultimately, we need to understand that achieving our individual goals and dreams is a terrible end goal if taken to its logical extreme and applied to everyone. The technical term for seeking one’s highest pleasure is “hedonism” and has been the justification for terrible injustices, violence, and all kinds of nonsense. If you think about it, it makes sense. Forgive my extreme examples, they are just meant to make the point obvious.

If violating someone makes a rapist happy, then why should he/she be denied? If killing makes one happy, then why not kill?

People then attempt to qualify their logic by saying that one’s happiness must not infringe upon the happiness of another.

Of course this still leaves the door wide open for seducers, pedophiles, euthanasia, and and many other obviously wrongful behaviors that make people, “happy.”

All this is just to point out the dangers of such thinking. It’s fine to pursue your dreams, but let’s not hold to our own individual happiness as the pinnacle of life. Man is not the measure of all things.