Some network marketing companies let you market online and some do not. Some force you to use their standard (and often crappy) “personalized” websites and nothing else. Honestly, we shouldn’t blame these companies for doing this. They have several good reasons such as:

  1. They could become liable for false claims made about their products or their opportunity by their distributors, even if their distributors didn’t mean to make false claims.
  2. Companies want to make sure that their brand name, trademarks, products, and services are shown in the best light. Giving over control to distributors could result in muddying of the name or brand, misuse of trademarks and other hosts of issues.
  3. And let’s face it, at $15-$20 per month per website, network marketing companies can make a nice little revenue stream from personal websites as well.

So in essence, network marketing companies can kill off all of these birds with one stone (sorry PETA) and make a little extra money besides that. I don’t really think we should blame them, and you definitely shouldn’t wine about it. (you know who you whiners are)


This does not mean that you can’t still market online. In addition to following theĀ  YouInc. Business model, your company may let you market their products and services online as long as you do it “their way.” Having just been in a conversation with the compliance department of a new company that I am working with personally, I discovered some things. With this company, distributors are not allowed to have their own websites exclusively promoting the business opportunity, however, the opportunity and products can be written about in personal blogs and featured on websites as long as it is not the main focus of the website.

Maybe you’re thinking, “Why bother trying to market the business’s products and services when I am building my YouInc. Business model? Don’t these things contradict each other?”

The answer is NOOOOOOO! There are lots of great things that can come from promoting your company’s services and products online! I’ll be posting another blog soon that covers some of the reasons why it’s a great thing to be able to promote your opportunity and/or products directly, so stay tuned.

The key thing that I want to say in this blog is this…

One of the worst things that can happen is that you get kicked out of your company and loose all that you’ve built. So, read through the company policies and procedures and consider contacting your compliance department for any clarification that you need. You may be able to do more than you think you are able and you should never let what you can’t do determine what you can do. Capiche?