Let’s face it. To some degree, we all do what we do because we want to. Those that endure hardships do so because they value someone or something (the end goal perhaps) more than they dislike the pain or discomfort they are going through. The same is true for those who do not accomplish much in their lives. They do not reach success because they value comfort, security, or more immediate gratification more than they value whatever it is they could be accomplishing or succeeding at.

At times, I’ve found myself in the latter category. I’ve found myself not accomplishing my goals because I would rather be comfortable, avoid risks, have my family and friends NOT think I was crazy, and a host of other reasons. I would say I wanted to be successful and to accomplish my life goals, but I didn’t always act that way. And I didn’t know how to change. I knew that if I did change, getting my daily tasks done wouldn’t be a chore anymore, it’d be a joy.

Imagine how much you would get done if you truly loved every second of what you were doing in your life and business. Imagine that thing you hate most. Maybe it’s making or answering phone calls, maybe it’s accounting, maybe it’s blogging, maybe it’s hiring good people to help you. Whatever it is, imagine how different your business would be if you loved that aspect of it? It wouldn’t seem like a chore anymore would it?

So how do we get there?

For me, I needed some motivation, and for me, that motivation comes in the form of taking steps towards my goals. For some it’s getting the belief that they can do it or that they should do it. For some motivation comes from having a big dream or a strong reason why to do it. For others, it is seeing other people succeed whether in real life or even in fiction. For me, it is simply taking positive steps towards reaching my goals. If I can take just one step, the next one is easier, and the next one is even easier, and soon, I’m RUNNING towards my goals and dreams.

So if you’re sitting there reading this, then I encourage you to watch a motivational video on YouTube or pick up a Tony Robbins book and read (or listen) to a chapter or section. Get motivated. Get amped! Then take even one small step towards your goals today. I know there may be a thousand things you have to do, but just take at least one step towards your goal today.

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What Motivates You?