Today I have another whack phrase that I want to myth-bust the crap out of – yes you heard me right – I said “myth bust the crap out of” (my own phrase if you must know). This phrase goes a little like.

Company XYZ is just starting to take off… if you get in now you can get in on THE GROUND LEVEL!!!!

Here’s the thing about this phrase – sometimes it IS true, but it’s almost always irrelevant. Why irrelevant? Let’s just think about this for half a second… If you somehow made it into the first 1,000 distributors for a company, what does that mean for you? Does that entitle you to anything? Does that guarantee you success? Does that mean that everyone that gets in from here on out will be on your team?


You still have to work and work hard if you want to see any success. You still have to talk to people, show off your opportunity, get on some calls etc. You still have to build the business no matter how high up you are. Hopefully, you get my point.

Now, there are pros and cons to getting into new companies so let’s look at these quickly:


  • No one has heard of your company or your upline or your products so in one sense you have a wide open market
  • In brand new companies, if you and your team can spread the word the fastest (and if all goes well) you could actually be in a really good position financially and in terms of leadership and influence within the organization


  • No one has heard of your company or your upline or your products which can make it a harder sell
  • The company has not yet proven that it can be a successful company which means it’s a bit more risky to join brand new companies since even networking companies fail sometimes


Whichever you decide to do, you should realize that you’re going to have to work your business. That’s true no matter which way you spin it, so don’t get caught up in the “getting in on the ground level” speech. Whether you should or shouldn’t join a particular company shouldn’t be based on that criteria alone. Instead, you should seriously evaluate your success as a networker as well as the pros and cons of the company you are thinking about joining.

Here are some questions to ask:

  • Are the products adding value to people’s lives?
  • Is the leadership of the company stable? (How do you know?)
  • Are any other industry leaders joining?
  • Are there any commenting on the company? Is it positive or negative?

And then there’s the hardest question:

Am I considering switching companies because I am really just looking for a shortcut to success or is it because the company really does have a better opportunity that I am capable of taking advantage of?

I know, I know…. we don’t like hard questions. Get over it.

If you haven’t been successful yet, stop making excuses and start learning. You’re getting a start on what you need to learn by reading through these posts and asking yourself these questions. Keep it up!

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