Rain International, LLC

A quick look at the Rain International, LLC website and you might miss the fact that the company is more than a trendy nutritional supplement company. We’re going to take a deep dive inside of Rain, and answer a few questions for you:

  • Is it a legitimate company and what do we know about it?
  • What are the products and are they all they claim to be?
  • How do you become a partner or distributor?
  • What do you need to know about the compensation plan?
  • And most importantly…. can I make money with this thing?

What is Rain International?

Rain International, LLC is a legitimate Utah-based network marketing (or multi-level marketing) company established in 2011. It is a privately-held company so they keep their numbers close and there is little to no financials available besides what they make public or provide – and they don’t provide much. However if we judge them on appearances alone, then they appear to be doing something right! The majority of their website focus is on information related to seeds and their nutritional value. They put emphasis on educating the public about the health benefits of seed nutrition. For someone interested in becoming a Rain partner to generate incoming, this is a definite plus!
“The company has been doing ground-breaking research and revolutionary nutritional supplement products to millions since 2011,”  according to company CEO Byron Belka.
The company specializes in seed-based nutritional supplements in the form of 1 to 2 oz. pouches of nutritional drinks, including its most recent addition a nutritious coffee named Fused. Its products are designed to “provide maximum health and healing” and are all formulated using a cold-pressed method to obtain its proprietary extracts of antioxidants found in certain seeds. For its products, Rain has honed in on black cumin seeds, black raspberry seeds, and chardonnay grape seeds, but more on the products in a moment!

Let’s Take a Closer Look at Rain Itself:

  • Rain unabashedly promotes itself as the “world leader in seed nutrition.”
  • They are the first company to integrate the potency of seed­-based nutrition across all its products.
  • Rain hosts an annual conference which this year became its first World Seed Summit.
  • Their online FAQ is comprehensive addressing first the nutritional information and then business side.
  • It has launched a nonprofit foundation, Seeds for Change, way to give back to communities. The foundation’s website.



Unlike some network marketing companies, Rain International posts the names and short bios of its management team and advisory board (two of them if not all three are also company investors). This kind of transparency by companies in this industry is a must, so this is definitely a pro for Rain.

Byron Belka, Founder & President of Rain International. Byron has more than 10 years of experience with the corporate team. He began as a distributor reaching top commission levels and is known in the industry for his systems and tools positioning him in the industry’s elite class ever since. Byron has been involved with numerous other nutritional supplements and seems to have the expertise in that area.


“We’ve helped to solve the world’s nutrition problem by creating a new category of supplements based not on one exotic plant, but multiple unique plants…Our products contain some of the most studied seed ingredients for maximum health benefits.”

How do you Become a Partner?

Look a little closer on its website and eventually you’ll find detailed information about their compensation plan which they call “7 Ways to Get Paid.” Of course, to become a partner or distributor you will need to enter a sponsor’s ID number since it is not possible to directly become a partner online without going through someone. We’ve got to admin, this compensation plan is one of the most nicely designed compensation plans we’ve come across, so kudos to Rain for going the extra mile and not just copying / pasting from an Excel spreadsheet.

To become a partner you will have to purchase at one of the following levels of product “packs”:

  • Basic pak: $70, one box, 50 CV
  • Builders bak: $225, 3 boxes, 100 CV
  • Bronze Fast Track Pak: $760, 12 boxes 300 CV
  • Gold Fast Track Pak: $1299. 20 boxes, 500 CV

screen-shot-2016-09-29-at-3-47-44-pmThe Products:

The company spared no expense on its super sleek website. Most of the site’s real estate covers information related to the nutritional value of seeds – valuable information to have and understand for anyone interested in either buying the product or selling. To the company’s credit, it seems to devote a lot of attention to educating people on the value of seeds and nutrition which is another big plus for anyone trying to sell the product.

Explore a little further, and you will be able to click and be taken straight to information about its four products. Consumers cannot purchase any of the products online directly which is another plus. Some companies actually compete with their distributors by selling products on their company site which we strongly disagree with because it takes money out of the distributors pockets. That said, you will need to enter a partner or distributor’s code. (If you need one, please fill out the contact form.)

Packaging: Rain International cadre of four products are 1 to 2 oz. pouches of nutritional drinks proven to help neutralize free radicals contained within the body. The packaging on all their products is as attractive as the company’s website.

Seeds: Rain International says they are the first company to utilize seed-based nutrition across all of their products. The company is committed to developing and creating products based entirely on non-GMO seeds, in particular black cumin seeds, black raspberry seeds, and chardonnay grape seeds.

Soul: Soul is Rain’s flagship product. According to the site, Soul contains unique compounds and antioxidants that promote health. Soul, was recently certifiedby BSCG (Banned Substances Control Group) through its Certified Drug Free® program. The certification includes toxicology testing for 272 drugs banned in sports giving the green light to the product for use by athletes, law enforcement, and other drug testing programs or careers. Soul was also tested by Brunswick Labs, an independent bio analytical laboratory serving the nutraceutical industry. They found it to be an extremely effective nutritional supplement.

These types of studies are important because people claim that all kinds of supplements do all kinds of things these days with little to no proof. That Rain has gone the extra mile in seeking out experts and professionals who are willing to put their stamp of approval on the products is a huge plus in our book.

Core: Contains nutrients from greens and dense seed blends in a 1-ounce packet. Its key ingredients come from chlorophyllin, aloe vera, spirulina, wheat grass, cranberry seed, milk thistle seed, kale, black cumin seed, chlorella and dandelion.

Form: Form is a powder designed to burn fat and suppress appetite. The company recommends users take it after a work out one or two times a day.

Fused: Rain’s newest product is Fused. It has found a way to infuse each bean with their proprietary seed blend turning the coffee into an enhanced, source of nutrition. Its infusion process is patent pending and the first of its kind.


They use a cold-press method for two of its products, Soul and Core, to increase the nutritional benefits provided by the seeds. The cold press grinds the seeds down then gently extracts the seed oils to make them more palatable and digestible for human consumption. The cold-press process uses all parts of the seed and is a healthier method.

Rain’s facility is a 45,000 square foot plant with a 250 million unit capacity. It is conveniently located in Utah near the company’s corporate headquarters.

Rain’s Compensation Plan:

Directly from their website: “Compensation under the plan is not paid for recruiting activities. Rather, your income depends on a combination of your ability to build a marketing organization, the number of personal customers you have and the amount that your customers and the customers of those in your marketing organization purchase.

Rain International expect Partners take the time to do two things:

1.  Learn as much about the company’s products as possible; and

2. Develop critical business building skills by following the company’s success systems.

Seven Ways to Get Paid
Rain defines their partners in the following manner:

“A Rain Partner (RP) is a person who chooses to be in full partnership as a distributor with Rain International and distribute the company’s products. This is a person who has properly filled out and submitted a distributor agreement, purchased a starter kit, and meets all other required

criteria enabling him or her to participate fully in the Rain.”

Below we summarize their seven ways you can be paid once you become a partner under their plan. For full details of their compensation plan, please refer to their website.

  1. Partners can receive up to 30% on each product they distribute (Preferred Customer Program) depending on the product along with ten points of personal volume qualifying points.
  2. You get paid on each of your partner’s* first order and you get up to 50% of CV from their first kit. *independent Rain Distributor
  3. You can make money on every first order made by people your Rain partners have enlisted.
  4. You get paid every week you maintain an Executive Leader Rank; the company gives 1.5% of its total commissionable volume globally to its rising leaders depending on their leadership rank.
  5. Get paid on products sold by your team.
  6. Make money every week you maintain a Top Achiever Rank – up to $1,000 for the Triple Black Rain Diamond rank.
  7. Get pain on Team member commission checks. It is the biggest money maker for the most successful distributors.

Video Explanation of Rain:

The Positives

Rain International, LLC is tapping into two hugely successful and fast-growing industry spaces: network marketing and the health nutritional supplements industry.

  • These two industries work significantly in the company’s favor when it comes to attracting partners to sell Rain’s four products.
  • The network marketing industry has seen growing popularity as more people look for additional or alternative sources of income and as consumers look for convenience in their shopping tapped with brand loyalty.
  • As consumers have become more educated on the significance of nutrition and good health to their lives and mortality, the nutritional supplements industry has benefited. More consumers are looking for ways to add to their workout routines and nutritional drinks.

Rain Internationall, LLC is a promising company and opportunity for those interested in generating income. There is stronger potential for earning income and being successful in a vast and fast-growing industry like nutritional supplements than in a smaller industry.  Rain International, LLC is relying on its partners to tap into a clientele interested in health and nutrition and willing to pay for it.

The company website devotes about 75% of its site to educating the consumer on seed nutrition. Clearly, the company values what seeds can do, and it is banking its entire business on that science. It smartly realizes that to succeed in the competitive field of nutritional supplements, it is going to have to ensure that its partners and its potential customers understand Rain’s products and the science behind them. In its information for potential partners, the company goes so far as to tell them that to be successful, they will have to learn “as much as possible” about the products. All partners will need to understand the basic science behind seed-based nutrition before they try to make any sales or build a distribution business.

The (Potentially) Negatives:

Network marketing is challenging, but it is also a lucrative opportunity to earn income if you: 1) understand your product and its benefits; and 2) have some business skills and are ready to build a network of clients.

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As we said, the products sound extremely promising, look great, and should be fairly easy to sell if you can tap into a motivated market of individuals interested in health, nutrition, and wellness. Personally, we are very intrigued these products’ health benefits. We are also intrigued by the company itself.

Rain International promises potential customers, potential partners and the entire world that it is changing how we view seed nutrition. How could that not be promising and intriguing at the same time?