ViSalus is a Supplement company which came up with the Bi VI weight loss plan. Along with pursuing the goal of transforming the fitness community, the company specializes in marVisalus-banner-620-x-3501keting weight management products, dietary supplements, and energy drinks in the UK, Canada and the USA. ViSalus’s main products are their ‘Vi kits’ which range from $49 to $299. These kits contain various meal replacement shakes, energy drinks, and dietary supplements.

ViSalus has been a fast growing company which with outstanding profits and a rapidly growing network of distributors. In year 2012 and 2013, ViSalus had 3000% member growth rate and the trend continues in 2014. Although these statistics are intriguing, these tales of success have a history of struggle and determination attached to them. The company was founded in Troy, Michigan in 1997 by Nick Sarnicola and Blake Mallen. In 2008, company went bankrupt due to recession and was taken over by Blyth Inc. Despite of facing some legal strife in 2012, the company is still considered the fastest growing company of its size in the USA.

Is it a good company or is it a scam?

Many misconceptions and doubts about ViSalus stem from a lawsuit filed in November 2013, which accused ViSalus’s parent company of misrepresenting sales figures and company performance. Eventually, Blyth was sued by shareholders in 2012. Yet in 2013 and 2014, ViSalus continued prove that it was a stable and solid company as it expanded to the UK, Germany, and Austria.

The Products

Many health and fitness related products have skeptics, and theimages ViSalus products are no exception. As highlighted by independent consumer reviews, ViSalus products have shown promising results with majority of customers, but few have suffered serious side effects. It is often advised with the products that they contain strong stimulants and calorie managers which causes weight loss and care must be taken at consumer end with the dosage intake.

You can sign up with ViSalus at anyone of three levels. First (not recommended) $49, ECS $499, ESS $999. You will need to buy $125 worth of products on autoship each month to stay eligible to earn commissions. As long as you stay on autoship, you will be eligible for commissions and bonuses.

Does anyone make money with this company?

You don’t have to look far to see that there are dozens of examples of people having made a lot of money working with ViSalus despite the popular belief that the MLM and network marketing business model cannot not work for new distributors at the bottom of the compensation plan. This popular belief is simply untrue.images (2)

ViSalus really does provide promising opportunities to make money. Visalus offers production-based commission which means that more effort they put in bringing customers. more they will be rewarded with higher percentage of commission. Higher bonus is a motivating factor for  distributors to strive for upper levels where they can make more money. Moreover, the ViSalus BMW program is another great incentive. Distributors can earn a brand new BMW by adding more and more signing up people on the Body Bi Vi Challenge.

Can I make money with this company?

The simple imagesanswer is “yes.” The compensation plan works if you work it, but there are a few things you should know, because making money with ViSalus can be a little challenging for beginners if you want to really earn big money right at the start. Most people getting started in ViSalus make several mistakes which cause them to lose heart and lose money, and sometimes even lose friends.

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