Set to launch August 22, Entralife is the next evolution in network marketing. Put together by Vick Strizheus and Jason McClain of High Traffic Academy (though there is no technical affiliation), Entralife looks to be the first MLM company to make excellent use of the internet since Empower Network… only (they hope) in a more sustainable way.

The announcement of this company is definitely news worthy as Vick in particular made a name for himself as being one of the top distributors of Empower Network making millions of dollars due to his ability to use the internet to get in front of a near-endless prospects and offer them the training necessary to do the same.

Vick is now back along with his partner Jason, and they have created their own Network Marketing company which again is set to premier on August 22, 2016.

NOTE: You cannot register or sign up for Entralife now as it will not be open until August. To get updates and to get more information, go to ProjectBreakthrough.com.


So what is Entralife all about? Is it worth your time to look at? And can you make money with it? We’ll explore the company in depth below…

Entralife Products

With the announcement of the company name tonight (Feb 1, 2016), not much is known about the companies product offering or compensation plan. They have mentioned that their products will include “technology products” and “health products” in order to create a sustainable business that they hope to be around for generations to come.

There are 4 categories of products which they say will be in “4 quadrants” or “4 arms”

  • Health and Wellness which includes supplements and trainings
  • Technology – Click Connect, Prize Funnels, and additional technologies and apps
  • Education – Training about entrepreneurship which covers everything from how to start a turn key business, how to run it, and how to manage people, and even tax information.
  • Motivation – More info coming soon. Apparently a ‘big name’ speaker is going to be doing exclusive training for Entralife distributors

Little else has been said about the product offering at this point, but it seems to consist of both physical and informational products. Interestingly, products from High Traffic Academy (Vick and Jason’s internet marketing training company) are apparently NOT going to be included as a part of Entralife. Instead, Entralife seems to be targeted towards the more traditional network marketing community (as opposed to the internet network marketing community).

While the world may not necessarily need yet another supplement company, it is a good sign for independent business owners and representatives of Entralife that the company does plan on building a sustainable business. It should be noted that some of the companies which have been around for decades also include a line of supplements (ex. Amway, Melaluca, Shaklee, etc.).


Entralife Compensation Plan

Not much is known about the compensation plan at this time. More information is supposed to be on released over the next few months.

However, there is an opportunity for early adopters to profit during the pre-launch of the company. By signing up for ProjectBreakthrough.com, you have the opportunity to get more information about Entralife which will be rolled out over the next several months. In addition to this, anyone you also get to sign up for Project Breakthrough will have the opportunity to join your downline assuming that both you and they sign up on August 22 into Entralife. (Those you refer will have a choice in their sponsor, but it is probable that many of them will not have someone in mind and will therefore sign up underneath the person that referred them to Project Breakthrough.

All this to say that in a sense, you can start building the business now without even having signed up yet. Everything will be tracked through tracking links (affiliate links) for proper tracking. The goal of the pre-launch is to allow people to build a massive business based on good will – the giving away of a free training program and then to launch what could possibly be one of the most monumental days in network marketing history.

(Here I should note that I do not write this to give you BS “hype.” I say that this day could be monumental for the industry based on my 12 years in the industry in multiple companies.)

If you happen to be (or become) a High Traffic Academy Elite member, there are additional ways to earn income and to monetize the free training that is available now.

NOTE: High Traffic Academy (HTA) and Entralife are two totally separate companies. Project Breakthrough is a product of HTA and has no official affiliation with Entralife. However, those who go through Project Breakthrough should eventually hear about Entralife as an additional opportunity that they can take advantage of.


Entralife Charity Organization

Entralife is giving distributors the ability to donate a portion of their business commissions to their new 501c3 organizatin called EntraKids.

Not much is known about EntraKids at this time other than that it’s goal is to teach kids entrepreneurial skillsets at young age to give them opportunities to succeed in the world. Portions of HTA’s revenue is already going to help fund this non-profit.



Entralife does not open until August 22, 2016. To learn more about information about Entralife and to get on the waiting list you must first go to http://projectbreakthrough.com/