What is Escape International?

Escape International is a business that allows the people like you and me to create residual income by moving our spending dollars from the real world to the internet and by building a team of people who do the same. The concept is not new, in fact it has been around for over forty years! However, Escape International has refined the business and now stands to become the dominating business in the industry.

Escape was founded by Mr. David A. Rutz who has nearly 20 years of experience in the network marketing industry. He build Escape International with the goal of having more successful business owners like me and you than the biggest American company has employees. This goal shows the heart of Mr. Rutz in wanting to create a great opportunity for people like us to succeed in this business.

Why is Escape International Different From Other Network Marketing Companies?

There are numerous other network marketing (MLM) companies out there so we should take a moment to look at why Escape is any better than the rest. Here are just a few of the reasons:

  • Escape has around 800 stores for us and our customers to shop from that pay us cash back. There are even high profile stores like Wal-Mart, Barns and Nobles, and Kohls that will pay you and me cash back on our online purchases.
  • You’re already doing what it takes to succeed in Escape – You are already spending money on stuff. All you really need to do is to change your buying habits over from buying in the real world or online to buying online through Escape’s shopping portal called Aisle 19.
  • Other network marketing companies require (or suggest) that you spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on their proprietary products per month in order to be qualified to make money. You can start making money with Escape without spending a dime to sign up or per month. However, if you build the business like we from the Power Team recommend, you can reach the highest level of money making opportunity by spending less than $150/mo. (Please remember that more often then not, this $150 comes from switching over money you are already spending, NOT buying stuff you don’t need or want!).
  • Other network marketing companies put restrictions on how use the internet to market your business.Escape doesn’t have any marketing restrictions as long as you present the business accurately and ethically. If you are an internet marketer, market away! (If you join the Power Team, we’ll even teach you how!)
  • And of course there is much, much, much more but hopefully you are starting to get the picture of how Escape stacks up to other companies in the relationship marketing business.

How Does Escape International Relate to Aisle 19?

Aisle 19 and Escape International are technically two different companies though they are bold owned by the same parent company, MLM Holdings. Escape International is the company that brings on independent business owners (IBOs) like us to give us an opportunity to “escape” our 9-5s by creating residual income. Aisle 19 is a shopping portal only that is linked with over 800 partner stores – you can think of Aisle 19 as one big Escape International product line. In addition to Aisle 19 there are several other product lines that Escape International IBOs can utilize including My Escape Vacations, Makila Morgan, and Xymetri.

Join Escape International and Build A New Future

If you would like more information on how to join Escape International and how the Power Team can help you create a dominating business using Escape International’s business system, click the link below.

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