Bonvera History

Although it is a brand new company, the roots of Bonvera run very deep. The seeds for this company were planted over 10 years ago when a quickly growing group of Independent Business Owners (known as TEAM) within the Amway Global company (then Quixtar) set the bold goal of having 1 million people.

They believed they were the next pioneers following in the steps of Sam Walton providing consumers with the next revolutionary way of purchasing products. “Because we’ve got a better idea,” their leader Orrin Woodward had said as he personified Walton in a talk he gave to his team, “We’re going to build this thing bigger than the number one guy.”

As the organization of independent business owners in TEAM grew though, it became clear that the vision of the leaders of that team and the vision of Amway were different. In 2007, many of the members of the TEAM organization left Amway in search of somewhere they could build an organization of a million people and change the landscape of consumer purchasing like they had been dreaming of.

Oddly enough, the TEAM found a home in Monavie for a couple of years which was a particularly odd move for an organization that claimed they wanted to build the “Walmart of the Internet,” because Monavie has a severely limited product base. The arrangement did not last long and the TEAM eventually decided to focus on making a business mostly out of their own motivational training materials which had always been at the core of their organizations culture.

Their training system, or simply “system” as it was usually referred to, was a subscription to audios, books, and seminars that all of their reps were heavily encouraged to participate in. This training system now served as the business itself and the next pivot in TEAM took place as they changed their name to LIFE Leadership and focused not on physical products but on personal development.

For some, this change represented a radical deviation from the promises made by the leaders of TEAM a decade ago. Instead of continuing in their stated goal of harnessing the new rules of E-commerce to build a large community of online buyers, they pivoted hard into building a community of online buyers to buy their own products. In some ways this was a savvy business move as there is obviously much higher profit margins in informational products than there are physical products. However, it seems clear that the original promises were forgotten.

There are still some, however, that were captured by the original vision of pioneering the next revolution in consumer buying. These are the leaders of Bonvera. Having made an exit from TEAM / LIFE Leadership, the leaders of Bonvera have picked up the torch and are moving ahead with the original vision of providing networkers the most common sense business opportunity available today. The old vision of TEAM has become the renewed model for Bonvera, “Change your buying habits from buying everyday products offline to buying them online, and teach others to do the same.”

You can find out more about Bonvera here.