Amway Global usually gets a bad rep since it is one of the biggest and oldest network marketing companies. I’ve even heard many network marketers bash Amway and even laughingly tell people they shouldn’t be involved. Well, I think that’s crap so consider this my response of why I think Amway is a great company and is still a great opportunity for distributors. And no, I’m not an IBO or a distributor and I have no affiliation with the company whatsoever.

So with that. Here are my reasons for LOVING Amway

  1. It has a HUGE amount of products. Excluding its “partner stores”, the company has at least six different product lines of its own including makeup, vitamins, lotions, cookware, water filters, and air purifiers. That is more lines than pretty much every other company except maybe Youngevity. This means that distributors have literally hundreds of “core products” whereas companies like MonaVie essentially have 2 or 3 max. More products means that 1) you can pick the products you’ll actually use and 2) you can engage with customers on a variety of issues that your products solve.
  2. It has a ton of partner stores and other brand-name products you can buy or sell. When you add Amway’s core product line with the brands that they have partnered up with along with the partner stores (entire stores such as Barnes and Noble’s that you can shop at through Amway) they have over a million products. While sometimes less can be more, having this many products ensures that there is something for everyone. No one on your team can have a good excuse for not buying SOMETHING even if its not hundreds of points.
  3. It advertises on TV. Okay, so this one is more cool than it is anything else but I think it’s pretty sweet. These commercials help the industry as a whole gain respect from the average consumer in our seeing-is-believing culture.
  4. It’s been around forever. While some may consider this a negative, you can trust that Amway isn’t going to disappear into a black hole or go under like some network marketing companies do.
  5. It has stuff you are actually buying anyway! This is by far my most favorite reason for loving Amway. Having as many products as they do, it is guaranteed that whoever you are prospecting already buys stuff that Amway has. These people can just switch over their buying habits from buying in stores like Wal-Mart or Publix to buying online from their own Amway business. The power of this is enormous. Ladies already use makeup – they can just switch to Artistry. If people take vitamins, they can switch to Nutrilite. If they don’t take vitamins, they can buy XS energy drinks or whatever they are already buying. I think this single concept will make a company the next Wal-Mart. It could be Amway, if they had Wal-Mart prices and sales. There’s no reason not to, especially when you have your own product lines like Amway.

So to all of the Amway distributors who are getting flack from the internet network marketers saying you should join the hottest, newest thing – don’t believe the lies. You can still make money in Amway. I know people who got started in the last few years who are making money. And if you are going to be finding MLM prospects on the internet, you don’t have to lead with Amway, you can lead with whatever you want and then tie it back into one of their million products.

In conclusion, I love Amway even though I’m NOT a distributor. They are a great company and they are doing great things for the industry. In fact, just about every network marketer should pay their respects because without Amway, there may have never even been network marketing. If you want to learn how to market your Amway business online, check out this page.