How many of us have heard this one before? It usually goes something like, “Just follow this simple 5 step pattern for success and you’ll be a top earner in no time” or maybe, “the system works if you work it.”

While it was a hard lesson for me to learn, I eventually figured out is that these phrases assume that the system my upline was pitching me was a system that worked. But it didn’t. The truer statement is, “Just follow the RIGHT system, stay consistent, and it will work.”

Again, I can’t really fault my upline because they just didn’t know any better. They had been given a system that was designed 40 years ago of calling all of your friends and family, setting up meetings, and showing biz-opp plans. In today’s world though, people communicate differently. We’re more likely to text or Facebook someone than we are to pick up the phone and call them. Calling people today… especially about a “business plan” is, well…. kinda weird in most cases. An email? sure. A phone call? probably not.

So here’s the nugget of truth here: Don’t be afraid to step outside the lines and experiment a bit. Systems are great and they make things duplicatable, but we need to be darn sure that we’re duplicating the RIGHT things and creating a system that works in today’s world.

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