This is where it all started for me…

I had just joined my third network marketing company and it wasn’t going well. I had failed in my first two companies having spent years of my life and thousands of dollars being frustrated. I grew my team to only about 20 people, but we kept going to meetings, listening to tapes/cds, and stalking people in the business section of Barnes & Nobel’s in the hopes of finding another prospect.

Now, as I entered my third business, I had no credibility with my friends or family. I had hardly any money, and I had just quit my job.

I had prematurely quit my job because the atmosphere was KILLING me. I worked in a room full of 20-somethings that seemed to have all but given up on their dreams… that is if they even had any dreams in the first place! Their lack of vision and ambition was suffocating me, so it was either leave and try this company, or die.

One day my sponsor called me up and told me had just found something online. He was pretty broke too, so he had joined one of those ad networks where you get paid a penny or two to click through ads. One of the ads that came through was a link to Magnetic Sponsoring by Mike Dillard.

He called me immediately and made me get online to look at it. He bought the book and then let me borrow it.

I ended up buying Mike Dillard’s MLM Traffic Forumla II not too much longer and my life has never been the same since. Since then, I have generated over 100 leads for my old networking business, started my own profitable internet marketing company, and just launched my most successful website to date that did over $25,000 in sales in its first 10 months alone.

And it all started with this course…

MLM Traffic Forumla 2