A few months ago I walked into the restaurant that I used to work at and started chatting it up with one of the young guys I used to work with. He told me that he had just started his own business, so I asked him what he was doing. He said that he had gotten into “internet marketing” and was marketing some products online. When I heard the name of his company, I had to laugh on the inside.

The company he was with was the first company that I was with, so I KNEW that he had been fed a line of crap. Sure, the company has a website, but that hardly amounts to “internet marketing.” I myself would know since I have an internet marketing company that does websites, SEO, email marketing, and consulting for small businesses. I can’t really blame him though, my upline told me the same thing when I was in that company.

So why does this rub me the wrong way? Here’s why…

If someone things they know something, they usually don’t explore that area of knowledge anymore. Because I “knew” that my business was an internet based business, I was unable to see the INCREDIBLE opportunity that there was in using the internet to market my business. I thought I already had all of that in the bag.

As I’ve said before, after struggling in networking for 6 years, I finally quit. When I got some time to clear my head, I realized that I had not been taught how to market nor how to network. If someone had taught me how to actually market online, I probably would have had much more success.

Instead, I looked just like my co-worker – thinking I knew what I was talking about when I actually had no idea. The rules had changed, but no one told me. I was taught old school methods of building the business which just didn’t work very well. And I failed for years.

Now that I’m back in the game and generating leads online, I want to let you know what I was never told – If you TRULY want to have an “internet based business” then learn how to market online to attract both business builders and customers to your business.

If you do that, not only will you probably have MUCH greater success, you’ll be able to say that you really do have an “internet based business” – your business will be You Inc.