storefrontMany company and upline leaders talk about the woes of “traditional” businesses where men and women are self-employed, work long hours, and shoulder hefty responsibilities that tie them down. They compare this to the network marketing industry which allows us independent business owners to create passive income.

This is true of course. However, they often overstate their case. Network marketing requires many of the same mindsets that traditional business owners have. We need to define what markets we are in and how to best approach them. We have to learn the skills of presenting, motivating, and leadership. We need to understand how to evaluate returns on investment, where trends are going, and how to balance life.

No matter what your upline or company leaders say, remember this: Your opportunity is a BUSINESS and to be successful, you will need to run it like one. Have you asked yourself these questions?

  • Who is your target market? (We’re moving beyond friends and family here if you want to build a big business fast)
  • How can you reach your target market?
  • What problems do they have that you can help them solve?
  • How much capital do you have to invest in your business and in learning the necessary skills to be successful?
  • Do you know anything about how to run a business at all? (marketing, accounting, expansion, leadership, ROI, products, selling, customer service, etc.) What are you going to do to learn?

In upcoming articles, we’ll be exploring some of these concepts in more detail, but for now, sit back and think through these questions. Write them down so you can reference them and update them as you learn more.

Success is a state of being, not a destination. To reach success, we have to become the kind of people that attract success. These questions will help you with this process.

Stay tuned the rest of this series!