arrows upWhen you aren’t successful in your networking marketing business yet, it’s hard to not come across as needy or desperate. When we don’t have a big team yet, we often times feel that we need the person we’re sharing our opportunity with to join our business.

After all, if they don’t, who will? The more of our personal network we contact and share  with, the more the feeling for desperation can grip us.

There is a term in our industry called “Posture” and it’s said that those with this character attribute are more successful. So what is posture? Posture is the confidence in knowing that you are headed towards success no matter what, and therefore you don’t need any particular person to join your business.

It’s a weird feature of human psychology that people who seem desperate or needy actually repel the very people they are desperate for. And this isn’t just in network marketing. It happens in relationships, in friendships, in sales, and anywhere else where there is human interaction.

It’s almost as if other people look at a needy person and think, “If no one else has found enough value in this person (company, product, etc.) than there must not be anything for me either.” As humans, we instinctively look for social proof – that is, when we don’t have knowledge of something ourselves, we look to the opinions of others.

Is this right? Is this fair? No to both, but those are the wrong questions. The right question is this: How can we develop posture (or confidence) so that people will join us… especially when we don’t have a lot of success or a big team yet?

Here is the #1 biggest way to gain confidence so that you no longer feel like you need any particular prospect. (Of course, you ultimately need some prospects to join, but you don’t need all of them. Heck, you don’t even need the one you’re showing right now… or at least that’s how you should feel.)

Are you ready?

The number one key to posture and confidence is abundance. Yep, abundance.

What is abundance?

Well… Ask yourself this question: If you had 200 more people on your prospect list, how would that change the way you feel when you’re on the phone talking to them? Or if you already had 100 meetings set up over the next month, how would that change the way you feel about the person you’re meeting with today? It’d be different wouldn’t it? Yes it would!

Why? Because of abundance.

But you’re probably thinking, “That’s great Matt, but I DON’T have that many people to talk to or that many meetings booked. So how does that help me?

Glad you asked! But you’re going to have to wait to tomorrow to get the answer 🙂

I know, it’s cruel, but I bet you’ll tune in tomorrow right? Until then…