Head, heart, and hunger represent the three key components to being successful in network marketing. These are important concepts to understand both of ourselves as networkers and for our prospects as we talk to them about our business.


Network marketing just makes sense. Unlike brick and mortar businesses where one normally has to spend several thousand dollars on inventory, a store front, and employees network marketing businesses are fairly inexpensive to start and maintain.

Network marketing is great because we can involve others that are genuinely looking for an opportunity and we have a built-in incentive to help them succeed. Also, because of the nature of mlm companies, successful distributors are often much more free in terms of their time than traditional business owners.

Neither us nor a new person will move forward if they are not convinced that their business is a good model and can actually provide the kind of lifestyle they want.


But…. it’s not enough to justĀ know that the business is good or that itĀ can produce good results for people. A person needs to come to understand that it can provide good results for him or her personally. He or she needs to have belief. There is a big difference between thinking, “It works” and “It can work for me.”

Without belief, prospects either won’t join a business or won’t do much with it if they do join. They can know all of the ins and outs of the comp plan. They can know all of the details of the business and its products. They can even know how to find new prospects and the steps they need to take to walk them through joining their opportunity… But without belief, nothing will happen.


In this stage, a person’s thinking is shifting from “It can work for me” to “I’m going to make this work and do what it takes to win.” If the “head” is the engine and the “heart” is the fuel, then “hunger” is the spark that sets the whole thing off!

This is the stage where we are looking at a person’s biggest aspirations or their biggest fears and helping them run towards the one and away from the other. Does the prospect feel trapped or confined at their 9 to 5? Or maybe they are stressed about not having enough money to give them the options they would like to have in life. Maybe they have an organization that they wish they could donate to or a dream vacation they never got to take – all of these help to ignite a hunger. Simply put, hunger is the emotional response to one’s circumstances that just says, “enough is enough, I can make a change in my life and I’m going to.”


In order to help prospects walk through all three of these steps, we have to believe ourselves! Do you believe network marketing is really a worthwhile opportunity to take part in? Do you believe in your company? Do you believe in their products? And do you know enough about them to discuss them or your industry to talk confidently about them?

On the heart side… do you truly believe – deep down inside – that you can build a huge team? Do you believe that you can attain freedom through your business and live a lifestyle different from 95% of the population?

And on the hunger side – Do you really want it? Really? Or are you just playing with your business, hoping it’ll miraculously work someday? Are in the hunt? Or are you sitting around hoping success will find you?

If you know, if you believe, and if you are willing to do what it takes to win, then I’ll see you on the beaches of the world.