Tell me if any of these sound familiar…

“I have an internet based business.” “Our business takes advantage of the internet and e-commerce.” “We are positioned to take advantage of the biggest trend to hit in our life time – the internet.”

I’d be willing to bet that if you’ve been in networking marketing for long you’ve heard phrases like this. Nearly every home based business company these days is going around saying they are “an internet business.” But is it really true?


Well… Yes and No, here’s why..

Many network marketing companies ARE participating online and in e-commerce. Your company probably has a website, takes orders online, and sends out updates via e-mail right? But here’s the kicker… Just because your company is online doesn’t mean that you are. And no, your corporate issued generic website doesn’t count!

Now I’m not trying to be harsh but here’s the reality plain and simple: There is a difference between your opportunity being online and you as an independent business representative being online. These are two TOTALLY different things!

Here are a few questions to ask yourself to determine if your personal distributorship or business is really online:

1) Do you personally have a web presence for your business that you own and control? One with your own domain name, information, and links? (Again, not one of those corporate sites that all look alike! You don’t own a corporate site, your company does!)

2) Do you market yourself, your opportunity, or your products online? (Pay Per Click advertising, Social Media, Search Engine Optimization and Marketing, etc?)

3) If not, why are you letting the most powerful tool available to you go unused why you try to build your business the slow, traditional way?

The internet is the most powerful tool that exists on the planet for building your business!

The world wide web allows you to reach out to hundreds and thousands of people who are potential candidates for you home based business. It only makes sense to put this technology to good use and use it to give your business the boost that it needs!

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