Hello! And welcome to The Sponsoring System!

The goal of this site is to make you a wiser and more able networker and entrepreneur. This blog is where I will post some of the resources and tips that I am learning on my journey as a network marketer and entrepreneur.

Having several years of experience in the MLM industry and having worked with a few different companies has given me a unique perspective. This site will be my outlet for you to learn all of the valuable knowledge, tips, and systems that I have compiled in my many years in this great and booming industry!

So why do we need another network marketing “guru” on the web? While it is true that there are dozens of people out there on the web teaching us the “secrets” of how to sponsor people, how to do internet marketing, and how to build a “You Inc” type business, there is still something missing!

What’s missing? There is no one teaching how to create a DUPLICATABLE SYSTEM! Sure, if you find the right teachers they can teach you how to build a business that is all about you. But what about your team? Did you get into your network marketing company to be a babysitter?! or to create a pipeline of residual income that flows into your bank account whether you work it or not?

That type of passive income can really only come through having a duplicatable system!

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