The WP Theme company had a great article about common mistakes that home business owners make when they are getting started. One of the biggest things I’m trying to get you to do here at The Sponsoring System is to treat your network marketing business as a real business so that you can get REAL results instead of chasing the “magic bullet” that lets you build a 5 figure per month income by doing nothing but sitting on your duff. That type of program doesn’t exist, (I know, I used to chase them myself!) and you will spend a stupid amount of money buying up program after program if you don’t start disciplining yourself to take the necessary steps to run any successful business. This article by Mari Yamada runs in this same vein so I highly recommend that you read it if you want to be successful in your network marketing biz. And no, you probably won’t actually want to do any of this stuff, but you should.

Check out the article here: