If you have begun to explore the possibilities of marketing an MLM company online, then you have probably heard of Mike Dillard. He is the guy who has basically pioneered online marketing for our arena of MLM / Network Marketing. Mike Dillard went from waiting tables to 7 figures in under two years. And if that wasn’t impressive enough, Mike did it using the internet instead of through cold calls, hotel meetings, or the other traditional ways of networking.

Mike Dillard’s You Inc. Model

Mike Dillard has pushed the brilliant idea of what he calls the YouInc. business model. The YouInc. business model is a totally different way of thinking for us network marketers. At some point you should watch the YouInc. video but the fundamental idea is this: Build your business around yourself rather than your company. If you build the business around yourself, you have more control, you will most likely make more money, and you can get around those pesky bylaws of MLM companies that won’t let you market “the biz” online.

Mike Dillard has been the guy when it comes to doing MLM online. He now owns two of the biggest sites in the online multi-level marketing arena, MagneticSponsoring.com and BetterNetworker.com. MagneticSponsoring.com teaches us that not only is it possible to take an MLM business online, but that it is often a more efficient way of building a home based opportunity. BetterNetwork.com provides a space for us to connect with, interact with, and learn from each other on their various MLM journeys.

Mike Dillard’s Courses

Mike Dillard has created many courses to help us distributors with the various aspects of building an MLM opportunity online.  They include:

Magnetic Sponsoring – a basic overview of the ins and outs of online MLM
Building on a Budget – 5 ways to building an online business for less
Black Belt Recruiting – how to sponsor reps
MLM Traffic Formula 2.0 – a primer in internet marketing
What’s Working Now (WWN) – a membership program that gives exclusive access to interviews with top income earners in network marketing
Only Suckers Buy Leads – Mike’s latest product – a book on basic principles of market leadership

Mike Dillard’s Known Associates:

Mike Dillard has partnered with several people in the online MLM industry to help us all become “better networkers.” Some of these partners include Tim Erway, Mike Dillard’s business partner, Jim Yaghi, creator of the course PPC Domination, Raymond Fong and Ferny Ceballos, who operate SEONetworker.com, and social media extraordinaire Mike Klinger.

Okay, but is He Legit?

There are all kinds of headlines out there about Mike Dillard being a scam artist or about internet marketing being illegitimate because it is supposedly “non-duplicatable”. This type of talk is unwarranted and untrue. What any good business owner knows is that it will take effort and perseverance to make any business work. The same is true for network marketing.

Once you and I are willing to put in the work all we need is a blueprint. Mike Dillard provides one, plain and simple. What you’ve probably heard about MLM systems in general applies here: “If you work the system it will work.” There are no magic bullet systems, but Mike provides sound principles of network marketing business.