Daegan Smith


Earlier in his life, Daegan was a wrestler and wrestled throughout high school and college. He was inspired by a Russian wrestler that he watched which set him on a trajectory of doing what it took to win. Despite having asthma, Daegan persevered and through years of trainings and practices he eventually reached his goal of being named to the Washington Post’s All-Met Wrestling team of 1998. Through this experience, Daegan realized that if he put his mind to something, he could achieve it.

When he finally joined the network marketing arena, he followed his upline’s advice to buy leads and did so consistently for 7 months spending upwards of $7,000. He made call after call and got to thinking to himself that even if he did sign someone up through this means, he couldn’t offer them this road to success. The “just spend several thousand dollars and get one lead” road wasn’t appealing to him, and he knew it wouldn’t be to anyone else either.

After seeing other people be successful online, Daegan finally broke away from his first company and his upline to pave his own path of success doing internet marketing to build his business. Since then, he has created a massive online empire that has helped hundreds and hundreds of people reach success in the network marketing industry, recruited thousands of people into his opportunities, generated hundreds of thousands of leads through a myriad of different online strategies, and generated millions of dollars.

Daegan Smith is now known as one of the top internet network marketers online today teaching networkers how to overcome the two obstacles that he sees them struggling with – Money and Leads.

Mentors / Influencers:

  • John AlanisĀ (Met at conference called Underground Online Seminar) and mentored with him for $10,000. He saw what was going on in John Oliness’s business and had the “light-bulbs” go on.

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