Sometimes in life and in business, you won’t want to keep doing what it takes to win. You’ll hit a wall. You’ll get sick. Half your team will quit. You’ll get cussed out by a prospect. You’ll get bad news.

It happens to all of us, and it’s normal

The important thing is what you do after you hit the road blocks. Do you give in when things get tough? When life throws you curve balls that knock you so hard you think you might never recover?

Pain is real and it sucks

It’s okay to cry… as long as you get back up and get back to work. You can’t control what happens to you, but you can control how you respond to it. How we handle adversity is what separates the winners from the losers.

Will you trust God that everything will be alright knowing that he is in control and that his guiding hand holds all things? Such belief enables us to keep going when things get tough.

What’s the alternative? What happens if you don’t get back up and get back to it? What will happen to the people or places that are depending on you to help make their lives better? How will your children, nephews or nieces, or others who look up to you handle their adversities after watching you?

More is riding on your success than you think. And You. Can. Do it.

Get it done