Our industry has a lot of really great teachers. There have been dozens of individuals who have made big money, built big downlines, and created successful info products to help others coming after them. And this is all good stuff… ish.

I’ve noticed that something is missing though.

Very few leaders actually create a team of successful people. They themselves get success, but how many people in their organizations actually make it? Sure, they have solicited testimonials where fans of theirs rave about their products, but what about their actual downlines?

Come to think of it, I can think of only one leader who has another leader in his same organization, and I’m not 100% sure they are on the same leg (or team or tree or whatever you want to call it). My simple question is…

What’s up with that?

Pick your favorite big time leader and ask yourself if you can think of anyone that’s one their team that built a successful business. Can you think of any? Isn’t that odd?

I don’t see this a problem so much as an opportunity. Teams that have one superstar eventually get beat by teams – teams that support teach other, work together, and play as a team. And I’m going to build that – a network marketing team.

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