These are some of my notes that I took on the MLSP Blogging Training by Ray Higdon – a video that is offered in the MLSP back office. Ray was talking about the benefits of blogging and how blogging helped him go from 0 to $40,000/mo. in 7 months.
Benefits of Blogging:
  1. You get residual traffic for YEARS
  2. You get more qualified links
  3. Blogging is simple
  4. Evergreen asset that grows for you
“Blogs are ever growing assets that you continue to make deposits into that grows forever”
3 Steps for Successful Blogs
  1. Identify your prospects – when you target everyone, you target no one
    • Who’s problem does your product or service solve?
    • Go after the affluent ones
    • **Secret Tip: What are the past professions of the top earners in your company?** [I thought this was his most valuable tip!]
  2. Get a Blog – The sole purpose of a blog is generating leads
    1. Create a killer giveaway
    2. Create value
    3. Brand yourself, set yourself apart
  3. Create Content
    1. Life experiences
    2. Barnes n Noble
    3. Books you’ve read (and then link to Amazon affiliate links to get paid from them)
    4. Webinars, ebooks, etc.

In the rest of the seminar, Higdon goes on to talk about his Pro Blog Academy and all the bonuses included in it. To view this training, click here to sign up.