Aisle 19 will pay you cash back on all of your purchases made through any of their 800 stores. This is great, but it gets better! Aisle 19 is in partnership with Escape International which is a business that allows people like you and me to make money off of Aisle 19’s shopping portal.

This business is really all about product flow and buying in bulk. Everyone knows that you get better deals at Sam’s Club over the gas station because you buy in bulk. This same concept applies here. For example, energy drinks may cost $3 per can at the gas station but only $1.50 at Sam’s Club if you buy a whole case of them. By pooling the buying power of thousands of people together, Aisle 19 is able to offer us cash back on our purchases that we wouldn’t be able to get all by ourselves. And, like any good business, Aisle 19 wants to grow and grow.

This is where you and I come in! Escape International has created an opportunity for those of us who understand the game of combining the buying power of a large group of people together. In fact, they are willing to pay us thousands and thousands of dollars to get the word out about Aisle 19 and drive purchasing dollars through their portal.

The larger of a team we build, the more products flow through Aisle 19’s portal. The more products that flow through Aisle 19’s portal, the more we get paid! It’s a simple yet powerful system for creating wealth! We get paid to offer a sweet deal to everyone out there that is spending money. We get to say, “Hey, don’t spend your money in the big box stores, instead, spend your money online and you get cash back!” This is a win for our customers, a win for us, and a win for Aisle 19 and Escape!

So think about it. How many people that you know that spend money? (Uhh.. everyone!) And how many of them are already buying stuff online? (More and more all the time!) So how hard could it be to convince them to sign up as a customer of Aisle 19 for FREE to get cash back buying stuff they’re already buying? You tell me…

What would your life look like if you were earning an extra $1000 or $2000 per month in residual income? Could you pay off some credit card debt or pay off your car or house quicker? Could you take that vacation you’ve been wanting to take for the last few years? Maybe you could give to your church or that charity you’ve been wanting to give to? I don’t know what it is for you, but I know that this business can help you obtain whatever your financial goal is.

Furthermore, my team and I have put together a system that walks you through the steps of building a business with Escape International. We show you how you how you can get off to a fast start and take advantage of some of the bonuses the Escape International gives its business owners. We show you how to talk to people you know about this opportunity in ways that are effective. Heck, we even show you how to find more business builders that will work with you to build an even bigger team so that you can all retire early and retire rich if you would like. We are the Power Team and we are your key to success with building this type of business.

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