How To Make Money With Aisle 19

Aisle 19 is not just a great way to shop, it is also an opportunity to build passive income! With this shopping network you can potentially earn up to thousands of dollars per month that comes to you month in and month out, just by switching over your buying habits to buying online and convincing others to do the same!

Some people might just want to use the Aisle 19 business model to make a few extra hundred dollars a month to help pay the house payment or other bills. Some people want to use the opportunity to make $10,000 a month and retire early from their jobs, send kids to college, or give the money they have always wanted to give to their church or a charity.

Community Buying is the Key to Discounts and Making Money!

This is how it works. Say you walked into a Mercedes dealership and wanted to buy a car. You might be able to talk the salesman into getting you a discount after he checks with his manager in the back room! However, if you walked into the dealership and told the salesman that you had a thousand friends who all wanted to buy Mercedes and had the money to do so today, you could probably negotiate a deal for you and all of your friends! Why is this? This is because the dealership realizes that they will make a lot of money by selling 1,000 cars even if they don’t make as much per individual car. It is a win-win for everyone!

Now lets take this story a step further. Let’s say that the salesman at the dealership agreed to your negotiations and gave you and your friends all several thousand dollars off of your car. However, you’ve done a lot of work to pull your thousand friends together and to convince them to all buy Mercedes from that same dealership, right? You should be rewarded for your work! So let’s say that for your work, the salesman actually splits his commissions with you so that you get commissions for each of your friends who bought a Mercedes! Wouldn’t that be a sweet deal?!? A thousand people would be a hefty commission! This is the power of community buying.

Now obviously this analogy isn’t perfect but hopefully you understand the concept. Basically, companies pay us to build communities of people who will buy from them. Both ourselves and our communities get cash back for buying, and the people who built the communities get even more cash back! If you build a big enough community, you can live off of the residual cash back!

There are two ways to get started building passive income with Aisle 19:

1) If you want to just refer a friend here or there, you can sign up for Aisle 19 for FREE! When you do so, you’ll receive your own ID number that you can use to invite friends to shop. By doing this, you will earn a little bit of cash back on all of the purchases that your friends make. Click this link to sign up and pursue this method of earning extra cash back: Sign up for Aisle 19!

2) If you want to make potentially thousands of dollars of residual income then you will want to become an independent business owner. The ability to make more money comes with some light requirements. It is a real business and a real opportunity which will require some time, money, and effort – however the pay off is worth it! If you would like to get more information on what it takes to become an independent business owner follow this link: Get Info on Being a Business Builder!