Ty Tribble’s “Opt-In Clinic”: How To Start Making REAL Money from Your Blog Notes

These are some notes from the March what’s working now video that Ty Tribble did on getting people to opt-in to your blog as well as some commentary. The video was short (only 30 min.) but the main points are below. These notes represent more of what I personally got out of the video, and not verbatim notes.
  • Purpose of a blog is to get more leads – Personally, I’d have to to say that the purpose of a blog is multi-faceted and therefore the purpose depends.  Ultimately, yes, the goal is usually to get more leads for our businesses, but I think that this needs to be weighed in terms of other considerations like linkability as talked about in a post not too long ago.
  • Social media should be a one way street (ie. don’t send people away from your blog to social sites, but only to your blog from social sites.) – I thought this made a lot of sense.
  • High quality content is important – We’re talking about that in our SEO series here
  • Opt-ins should be in prominent spots to increase opt-in rates.
  • About Us Page – This should be about what the author can offer the reader, not about the author only.

Overall, I thought this was a great addition to the latest edition of What’s Working Now.

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