I was going through a webinar that Daegan Smith did a few years back on how to build a relationship with your list of leads. Here are some of his tips that are definitely worth sharing:

  • Have a personal story and share it – share pieces of your life here and there, let them see your family, your pets, your life
  • Be a likable authority – find one thing you can be awesome at and own it
  • Speak in one voice – have the same message throughout all of your channels – video, emails, website, etc. – be consistent in what you say and the way you say it
  • Be controversial at times without seeking to offend – be willing to tell people the way it is, it’s part of leadership
  • Have a stringent personal “code” – this is something you’ll develop the more you study and grow as a networker and leader – be disciplined and congruent with your success code
  • Just entertain – think “Oprah” – are your emails cool? would you want to read them? Don’t just send out offers – you need to entertain
  • Not being aggressive – Don’t have a scarcity mindset and think your leads are all going to leave – you can email leads up to twice a day

These are just some of the MANY tips that Daegan has for email marketers on his webinar on What’s Working Now. I just signed up for WWN and it is GOLD! I highly recommend it and you can check it out here:

Check out What’s Working Now