In the past, it has usually been a better idea to blog about yourself and topics like leadership rather than about a company directly. However, there are some circumstances in which blogging about a company can be a great thing.

3 Strategies for Blogging About Companies

  1. Blog about new companies (less than 5 years old) who are actually making moves (don’t take your upline’s word for it)
  2. Blogging about new companies or huge changes for well established companies (greater than 5 years old) examples: new product lines or changes in company policies
  3. Blog about how to market this company online. This targets the following 3 audiences
    1. People who are thinking about building the company, but don’t have a strategy
    2. People who have been in the company, but want to build it using the internet and not via traditional modes
    3. People who are already in the company who want to learn how to market their business online

Other tips from Ty include:

  • Using Fivver to cheaply get headers and opt-in forms created
  • Having multiple opt-ins on a website
  • Having multiple links in each post

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