Some of the best opportunities for PPC keywords come from doing extra digging that your competitors just don’t have the will to do. We all have  a tendency to do what’s quickest and easiest, so it’s the stuff that isn’t easy that can earn us cheap clicks. Here are a few quick tips for finding keywords that you may not have thought of:

  • Look on sites like Amazon, Clickbank, and eBay for products in your niche. These products can make great keywords and the less popular ones can often be overlooked by your competitors. Don’t forget to include the authors of the products in your keyword lists as well!
  • Google each author that you just found and see what comes up. You may just find that they have other products you could use and/or relationships with other people you haven’t heard of. Pay close attention to their guest blog section if they have one which can be a great place for new authors to use as keywords.
  • For all of the above, look at the URLs that are ranking for these keywords and Boom! even more keywords. Of course don’t neglect any advertisers’ URLs you see there either.
  • Offline magazines. Buying offline magazines, looking at the advertisers, and using their products, names, URLs, and other info as keywords is not the most quickly done task. This means cheaper leads for you : )
  • Skim through directories like Dmoz, Alexa, or other directories in your niche to find even more companies, products, and URLs you can use.

Any other ninja tactics for gleaning more keywords? Leave them in the comments below!