I recently started advertising on Twitter through their new paid ads system and I’m getting some pretty low rates. Here are the quick stats from my longest running campaign. It’s not moving very fast, but the clicks are cheap. (Note: This is not in the internet marketing /network marketing niche, it’s for my WordPress theme affiliate site.)

  • Campaign start: Jan 9, 2013
  • New Followers: 36 for $3.60 (10 cents a follow!)
  • Clicks on Promotional Tweets: 616 for $67.49 (~10 cents a click)

As I said, this isn’t exactly the quickest method for getting traffic, but I don’t mind a mere trickle if it’s this cheap. I’m testing some other ads on some other accounts that I’m sending to affiliate offers and opt-in pages to see how this traffic converts. Fortunately, I got $300 worth of coupons from Twitter to experiment with which is nice.

In fact, I’d be willing to bet that if you called them you’d like to try it out yourself but you’d like a voucher, they’ll probably give you one. Heck, it never hurts to ask right?

The key to cheap clicks is to simply set your click cap really low. Twitter honors it and it stays consistent. So far, I like it.

What strategies are you using on Twitter? Share in the comments below!