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In the past, it has usually been a better idea to blog about yourself and topics like leadership rather than about a company directly. However, there are some circumstances in which blogging about a company can be a great thing. 3 Strategies for Blogging About Companies Blog about new companies (less than 5 years old) […]

Taking “You” Too Far

In our industry, we are often sold on the idea of being able to have all of our goals and dreams as we become empowered to live incredible lifestyles because of the passive income streams of network marketing. While this is true, it needs to be put in it’s proper context. Ultimately, we need to […]

Thinking Like A “Real” Business – Part 2 Market Research

Last time we talked about how network marketing is just like traditional businesses in many ways. The difference is that we are creating passive income whereas many self-employed type businesses do not end up creating passive income. In this edition of “Thinking Like a “Real” Business, we will take a look at the first step […]

The #1 Biggest Way to Boost Confidence So Prospects Will Sign Up

When you aren’t successful in your networking marketing business yet, it’s hard to not come across as needy or desperate. When we don’t have a big team yet, we often times feel that we need the person we’re sharing our opportunity with to join our business. After all, if they don’t, who will? The more of […]

Thinking Like A “Real” Business – Part I

Many company and upline leaders talk about the woes of “traditional” businesses where men and women are self-employed, work long hours, and shoulder hefty responsibilities that tie them down. They compare this to the network marketing industry which allows us independent business owners to create passive income. This is true of course. However, they often […]