Plexus WorldWide Review is Plexus Legit?

Is it a legitimate company? Are the products any good? What does it really take to be successful as an Ambassador? These are the questions we’ll be tackling in this Plexus WorldWide Review. We’ll take a deeper look into the company, it’s products, and what it takes to be successful as an Ambassador. So let us break […]

What is Extroda?

Let me start out by saying that I think Bonvera is one of the best networking opportunities that I’ve seen in a long time. However, I do have several issues with the Extroda training system that already seems to be part and parcel of Bonvera (though technically it is separate). If you are wondering how I […]

What Is The Compensated Marketplace?

The Compensated Marketplace™ is a trademarked term that embodies the theme of the Bonvera company which is to create a new type of e-commerce business that rewards those who participate through purchasing products and sharing the products with others. Bonvera is building on the foundation of other companies and concepts that came before them. It’s important to understand […]

Bonvera – What it is, Why It’s Different

Bonvera is a brand new business trying to position itself to do what so many other companies companies fail to do – offer both a good opportunity AND reasonably priced products to people everywhere. And they may just pull it off. In this review, we will cover the company, it’s products, and it’s leadership to help you […]

Phyzix Energy – Is it Any Good?

Phyzix Energy is the name of the private label brand created and manufactured by Bonvera, a new e-commerce retailer that has a unique take on business. I’ve just had the opportunity to try these products, and decided to write up a review about the products, so here we go! Phyzix Energy is trademarked produced and […]