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Aisle 19 is closed

When I first got started in Aisle19 it was an exciting day. I had this idea that I would have a chance to help build the “Wal-mart of the internet” by helping people earn cash back on their purchases through Aisle19. Unfortunately though, Aisle19 has not become everything that I hoped it would. In fact,…

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Welcome Excalibur Insurance and Other Stores

Last week, announced that yet another store has partnered with them to be a part of their online shopping portal! The name of this company is Excalibur Insurance Group. Here is an excerpt from their latest updated e-mail: “Excalibur works with over 60 insurance companies who will compete for your business giving you the best…

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Aisle 19 List of Highest Percentage Cash Back Stores

One question that most people ask is, “How much cash back can I earn through Aisle19?” This post is an attempt to answer that questions. According to Aisle19 the average cash back percentage across their over 800 stores is 5%. However, there are some stores that are higher and others that are lower. Here is…

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Aisle 19 Pays You To Shop – Learn How to Earn Cash Back

Get Paid to Buy What You’re Already Buying! If you’re like me and almost everyone else in North America, you spend money every single day. What if someone paid you for spending money? I know it sounds like a crazy concept but here me out! Aisle 19 does just that! You can get paid to…

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Sign Up For FREE! – Aisle 19 Registration

Alright so you’ve made the decision to be a customer of Aisle 19! Congratulations! Just follow the steps below and you will be be signed up in no time! Fill out this brief form with your name an e-mail address to receive your FREE invitation! As soon as you confirm your e-mail address you will…

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