Melaleuca, Inc.

Thinking about joining Melaleuca? Here is everything you need to know to make an informed decision on whether this joining Melaleuca is right for you! Melaleuca When Frank VanderSloot purchased Melaleuca, Inc., in 1985, he took a small, floundering company tucked into the Idaho woods and built it into a global empire of beneficial health and […]

You may have heard about a new company called Entralife that will be launching in August of 2016. What you may not know is that you can’t join it. Crazy right? A network marketing company that you can not join right now. Technically, no one will be able to join until August when the company debuts in Las […]

In listening to a seminar by Ray Higdon today, he gave a way a great tip that I thought was worth sharing with you. He said one of the best things you can do is this: Find “Exposure Agents” and help them. He defines an exposure agent as someone who is a leader/expert in your […]

I was going through a webinar that Daegan Smith did a few years back on how to build a relationship with your list of leads. Here are some of his tips that are definitely worth sharing: Have a personal story and share it – share pieces of your life here and there, let them see […]

I was recently on Pamela Herrmann’s blog and came across some great tips for planning. My favorite was #1 which was “be present in all you do.” I know that I’ve been guilty of letting my mind drift to work and business when with family or friends or vice versa. An old mentor of mine […]